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The trio of Emma Smit-Geraghty, Beth Terry, and Sarah Glinz bring their music to the stage with rich three-part vocal harmonies that transcend genre. Masters of storytelling and song, they draw inspiration from music icons such as Fleetwood Mac, Jann Arden, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King.

Brigid released their debut album, Someone Like Her, in September of 2022 and the title track, “Someone Like Her”, quickly climbed to #1 on the East Coast Top 30 Chart. Their music has been featured on CBC, CIE0 97.5FM, Pure Country 99.5FM, CTV, Global, and various local Nova Scotia media outlets. Winners of the “Outta Lockdown Showdown” at The Light House Halifax, Brigid has a large and loyal following in Nova Scotia and is ready to share their music and message across Canada.

Their music touches on the many aspects of being a woman, and the joys/struggles that come along with that. They are also active in their community raising awareness and funds for charitable organizations, such as Halifax Sexual Health Centre, Colchester Sexual Assault Centre, The Lotus Centre, CALA, PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre, EyeBike NS & Better Together NS.

Brigid is both at home performing covers of iconic music and original music inspired by their lives and experiences. All three are proud to be musicians, music educators, mothers, wives, daughters and women, and this comes through in their stories and songs.

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